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We manage company branch listings on GPS master maps. These master maps are used by personal navigation devices (GPS), Internet mapping sites, store locators, mobile phone and tablet mapping applications. In addition mapping clients use these maps for vehicle tracking and fleet management services, emergency services, call centre solutions, business planning and market analysis tools. Location based marketing represents one of the fastest growing marketing and advertising opportunities available in the world today. Digital maps and personal navigation devices have become important customer communication tools as the world becomes more mobile. It offers daily communication with in-vehicle captive audiences, mobile phones and Internet maps. A point of interest (POI) is a specific GPS coordinate or waypoint on a digital map. On the road, the owner of a GPS, or mobile phone can locate the telephone number, website address of restaurants, filling stations, hotels, B&Bs, ATMs, supermarkets or emergency services closest to your present location. Then auto-navigate along the shortest route to the front door of the business you selected.